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Jaguars Deny Fred Smith Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars have denied the report by 1010XL that Fred Smith will be buying a minority share in the team. Our own Adam Stites contacted the Jaguars to get an official statement on 1010XL's report. This is the response he received via e-mail:

1010xl is wrong. That report is not true. Wayne Weaver is not selling the team.

The team has denied reports in the past of Weaver selling the franchise. Weaver himself denied the rumor when asked by ESPN'S Chris Mortensen and Florida Times-Union columnist Gene Frenette when asked. Weaver has long said that there will come a time when he will sell the franchise, but he has also maintained it would be to someone committed to keeping the franchise in Jacksonville.

We will have more on this story develops, as it looks like it's going to be a back and forth for a while. Note: The team is not going to confirm anything until an actual deal is in place.