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The Jaguars Are Not Moving To Los Angeles

I've given the reasons time and time again why the Jacksonville Jaguars are not a viable candidate for moving to Los Angeles. The team is bound to the city of Jacksonville by the stadium lease, first and foremost. Then you also have to consider the massive conference realignment that would have to take place if you were to move one team from one coast to another. More importantly however, the lease of the team essentially binds the Jaguars to Jacksonville.

"The team would have to show that because of lack of attendance it's losing money for three straight years and that's probably a difficult thing for an NFL team to do," former Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. "That's there for if the city doesn't support the team. If we don't, we shouldn't stick the team with a long-term lease. But if we support it, they can't just pretend they're losing and expect to get out."

Not only that, but the fact that Wayne Weaver was offered $800 million by Ed Roski, who's looking to place a team in Los Angeles, and he declined says a lot. Weaver ultimately sold the team for $760 million, $40 million less, to Shahid Khan who has said he will keep the team in Jacksonville. "Weaver wasn't interested at all in moving the team," Roski said at the time his offer was made. "That's not the legacy he [Weaver] wants to leave." There is no guarantee Khan will not move the team, but Wayne Weaver believes in him enough to sell the team, which he said he would only do to someone he felt would keep the team in town. The groups looking to bring a team to Los Angeles is also looking for a majority ownership share of a team, Khan will hold a 100% share of the Jaguars.

"Could you find a way out of the lease? Yes, but it's going to take some very serious work and there's going to be a lot of uncertainty along the way," Delaney told Cole of Yahoo! Sports. "People in that situation don't like uncertainty."