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Jaguars Fantasy Sleeper: Jason Hill

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Finding a fantasy sleeper on the Jacksonville Jaguars is tough work. However, if you're in a deep fantasy leagues or stuck in a bind with injuries and bye weeks, there is a wide receiver who might be able to get you some points in a league, especially if it's non-PPR. Jaguars wide receiver Jason Hill has caught three touchdown passes three games in a row.

Now, I don't want to say to look for Hill to catch a touchdown pass in every game, but it's clear he's becoming a target rookie Blaine Gabbert has been looking at, especially in the redzone. On the season, Hill has just 19 receptions for 306 yards and 3 touchdowns, which means he's on pace for about 43 receptions with roughly 700 yards for the season. As I mentioned, he's not going to get you many points in a PPR league, but if you're in a bind it's possible he could net you touchdown points. If you're really, really desperate.

Don't try to play him this week, though. Jaguars are on a bye.