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Offensive progress a must in the second half of the season

The Jaguars have the worst offense in the NFL and it's really not even close. The only thing that makes the offensive struggles bearable for fans is that there is plenty of hope for the future of the offense in quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. Plus, with plenty of young defensive talent, the offense can be at the forefront of the offseason priorities.

Regardless, the Jaguars need to show progress in the back half of their schedule. While Gabbert certainly doesn't have elite receiving targets, finishing the season without a single game with over 60% of his passes completed would be troubling. A breakout game, if only one, would go a long way towards providing hope for the future of the Jaguars.

As Alfie pointed out earlier today, Gabbert will certainly see an easier defense on Sunday than those he faced in October when he faces the Colts. He'll also see the below average Falcons and Buccaneers defenses in December before facing the Colts again in week 17.

The Jaguars are certainly a long shot for the playoffs at this point in the season, so if they are unable to win enough to make noise in the back half of the season, I'm ok with that. But if the offense continues to average just a single touchdown a game, I wouldn't be.