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Brian Robiskie Ready For Fresh Start

New Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Brian Robiskie was selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns, 36th overall. Robiskie was heralded in the draft as the most "NFL ready" wide receiver in the entire draft, partly because his father is a long time NFL wide receiver coach. The feeling was that Robiskie's route running and understanding of NFL routes should be easy, being that his father helped coach him. Robiskie wound up being a massive disappointment for the Browns however, being released just a week ago from a team who's starving for wide receivers.

Robiskie is looking to turn a new page in his career however, and is ready for a fresh start on a team who's looking for a receiver to step up.

For his career, Robiskie has just 39 receptions for 441 yards and 3 touchdowns. His best season was in 2010, when he had 29 receptions for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns. From what I've gathered, Robiskie's problems are he lacks speed and the ability to separate, but he could be a useful possession receiver (sound familiar..?).

"Whatever happened up there, it's up there. It's behind me. I'm a Jacksonville Jaguar now. I'm excited about moving forward," Robiskie told the Florida Times-Union about being released. "It's part of the business. When something happens, you have to deal with it and make the most of the next opportunity."

I'm not expecting a lot out of the former Browns receiver, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt playing with poor quarterbacks and a rookie Colt McCoy last season. Sometimes a change of scenery works well for a wide receiver and Robiskie is just in his third NFL season. I'd expect him to be active and play quite a bit against the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.