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Jaguars Mid-Season Game Ball: Maurice Jones-Drew

The Jaguars had a bye this past week, so there is no game ball to give out. I will however give out a mid-season game ball, essentially a mid-season MVP award. I've seen a lot of people want to give it to kicker Josh Scobee, because he hasn't missed a field goal yet this season and he's drilled some great kicks. I think the mid-season game ball is a rather easy award however, and it goes to running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

Currently, Jones-Drew is 6th in the NFL (2nd in the AFC) in rushing, with 740 yards and averaging 4.5 yards per carry. While that alone is impressive, considering what he's faced all season it's even more so. Jones-Drew has faced tons and tons of 8 man fronts this season, with the Jaguars starting Luke McCown and rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Jones-Drew hasn't been getting his yards with big gainers either, being as he only has 5 runs of 20+ yards. He's getting them with grind-it-out style runs, getting 4-5 yards a clip.