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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Hiring a minority interim coach doesn’t open the door to hiring a permanent coach before end of season | ProFootballTalk

Three NFL coaches have been fired in the last two weeks. For each of the three teams (Jaguars, Chiefs, and Dolphins), the interim head coach is African-American. That has prompted some to speculate that the choice of a minority interim coach by one or more of the teams was aimed at opening the door for the hiring of a permanent, non-minority coach before the end of the current season. But that’s not how it works.

Jaguars sign rookie linebacker Sidney Tarver to practice squad

The Jacksonville Jaguars today signed rookie linebacker Sidney Tarver to the practice squad. The Jaguars have 53 players on the active roster, 22 players on injured reserve and five players on the practice squad.

Shahid Khan's quest comes to pinnacle |

Owning an NFL franchise has been Shahid Khan’s dream for a while. Now he’s closer than he’s ever been before. A process that unfolded behind the scenes during the past several years — the sale of the Jacksonville Jaguars — has just one hurdle left to clear. Today in Dallas, at a previously scheduled meeting, the National Football League’s owners will vote on whether or not to approve Wayne Weaver’s sale of the Jaguars to Shahid Khan, an Illinois businessman who would be the NFL’s first minority owner.

Moving in the right direction

Marcedes Lewis called it a step. And because last Sunday’s game was just that – a step, not the entire journey or a completed task – Lewis said what remains important for the Jaguars’ offense is to continue with what happened against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday. Yes, there was improvement. Yes, that improvement produced more points than the offense had scored all season. And yes, rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert looked much better.

A crazy week

Dirk Koetter said it was obvious early this was no ordinary week. That was clear late Sunday afternoon, the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator said. Less than an hour after a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coaches were at their desks, watching film, preparing for Thursday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons. Because Thursday’s game is a road game, it means the Jaguars will travel to Atlanta on Wednesday, and that leaves . . . that leaves . . .