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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Emotional day for Wayne Weaver as one era ends, another kicks off |
IRVING, TEXAS — The reality of moving on has been setting in for Wayne Weaver for a few days. But there’s no turning back now. Weaver still has a few more weeks as the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Wednesday’s owners meeting, where Shahid Khan was unanimously authorized to buy the franchise, made things real and final. Bittersweet became a common word.

Patchwork Jaguars will try to make a good impression in Atlanta |

ATLANTA — The Jaguars might have a tough time impressing their new owner Thursday night. A day after Shahid Khan’s purchase of the team was approved by the NFL owners on Wednesday, the Jaguars are in Atlanta to play their third game in 11 days.

Atlanta Falcons Scouting Report | Jaguars Blog

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a team on the rise makes a nice playoff run and feels it is knocking on the door of a championship. Convinced that they were "one player away" from going to the Super Bowl, they go all-in during the draft the next year and trade nearly all of their picks for that one piece, mortgaging their future to win now. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about the Jaguars. Instead I’m referring to the Falcons, who apparently learned nothing from the cautionary tale that was the Jaguars’ 2008 season.

A most bittersweet day

IRVING, Texas – For nearly two decades, Wayne Weaver had about any seat he wanted at EverBank Field. That will change now. Not that Weaver won’t be around for Jaguars games. He said he won’t merely have season tickets moving forward, he’ll have a suite at EverBank. What he won’t be now is the owner of the Jaguars.

The search begins

IRVING, Texas – Shahid Khan is comfortable and confident with the process. The Jaguars’ next owner said he absolutely knows that much about the task of finding the team’s next head coach. As for specifics, he said there aren’t any just yet.

Big day for Jacksonville with Khan approval - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Unanimously approved by NFL owners to join their ranks, Shahid Khan spoke publicly about taking over the Jacksonville Jaguars Wednesday. "What I want to share with the Jacksonville fans is: Here I am, reporting for duty and ready to serve the fans," Khan said. "Let the fun begin." Asked about his commitment to the market, Khan said: "This is a partnership, really, with the fans. I am committed obviously to the rebirth, the reinvigoration, doing whatever it takes to put a winner on the field to make Wayne (Weaver) and the other Jacksonvillians proud."

For NFL Teams, iPad Is Valuable Playbook | Playbook |

The Jaguars also have embraced tablets. Players and coaches break down game tape on their iPads using XOS Digital’s Lightning program. The software allows teams to study practices and games using features such as fast forward and rewind controls and visual tools like arrows in order to diagram plays. The program also features text so coaches can add notes and other information. It’s proven so popular that 54 players and 34 coaches and administrators use it, even though it meant buying their own iPads.