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Jaguars Vs. Falcons Score: Ouch, Falcons lead 27-0

Well this is fun.

The Jaguars are down 27-0 already after everything that could go wrong has. The Falcons have had absolutely no problem marching up and down the field on the Jaguars with two passing touchdowns from Matt Ryan and a rushing touchdown from Michael Turner. One of the two punts the depleted Jaguars defense was able to force was muffed by Jarett Dillard and set up the Falcons with one of their three touchdowns.

The Jaguars offense hasn't done much to help either, already punting on three of their four first half possessions. The only possession that didn't result in a punt ended when Blaine Gabbert was hit from his blind side by Falcons defensive end John Abraham.


Perhaps the worst part of the game so far was an apparent injury to Maurice Jones-Drew's ankle. Tania Ganguli reports that it's an ankle sprain and that he is expected to return, which is obviously good news. He's arguably the sole bright spot on a Jaguars offense that was shutout in the first half for the first time all season.