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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

A clear message

Marcedes Lewis said the message couldn’t be mistaken. Shahid Khan, three days after being unanimously approved by league owners as the new owner of the Jaguars, met on Saturday for the first time with the team’s players. Lewis and other players said this was no, "Hello-How-Are-You" meeting – that, instead, Khan took the opportunity to discuss not only the future, but his expectations. That expectation is to win. And that doesn’t mean next season.

Resting to get ready

Maurice Jones-Drew has a specific expectation for the next few days. First, he wants the Jaguars to get a couple of days of needed rest, but what happens after that concerns the two-time Pro Bowl running back even more. He wants his teammates to return with renewed energy and focus, and no, Jones-Drew said it matters not a bit that the team is 4-10 and out of the post-season chase. There are two games remaining, and those two games matter.

Jaguars Notebook: Shahid Khan shares his story with players, says he expects to win |

Incoming owner Shahid Khan met with Jaguars players for the first time before Saturday’s practice. Khan told them he expected winning and talked about a Super Bowl. "[Running back] Maurice [Jones-Drew] asked him what will be your motivation after we win the first Super Bowl," Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis said. "He was like, ‘Win the next one.’ "

Gene Frenette: Shahid Khan's success with Jaguars hinges on coaching hire |

To no one’s surprise, Jaguars players responded positively to the way new owner Shahid Khan came across to them Saturday after about a 30-minute meeting. "He’s going to make changes that lead to winning," Jeremy Mincey said. "It’s all good. I think he’s headed in the right direction with his mind-set." However, if Khan intends to make the Jaguars the league’s "hottest ticket," the only way that can happen is to hire the right head coach. More owners miss on their first coaching hire than hit home runs.

How the Jaguars' deal was done |

It was 90 degrees at kickoff, one of the hottest games in franchise history. The Jaguars were opening the 2010 season that day, facing the Denver Broncos. Shahid Khan, his family and friends were getting their first look at the team they’d be much closer to in the coming year.