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Dirk Koetter A Hawaii Head Coaching Candidate, According To Report

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has fallen mightily in the eyes of most Jaguars fans the past two seasons, which will happen when your offense is one of the worst in the league passing the football in back to back seasons. Be that as it may, Koetter has still gotten looks for NFL head coaching positions and other offensive coordinator jobs. Last offseason, Koetter was one of the finalists for the Denver Broncos head coaching position. He was also blocked for interviewing for the St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator job.

Recently, Koetter was rumored to be a candidate for the Kansas head coaching position, which ultimately went to Charlie Weis. Now with the retirement of Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin, Koetter has emerged as a strong candidate for the Hawaii position, according to Koetter has previously coached in college, where he was known for his offensive passing attack as the head coach of Boise State and Arizona State. In his previous stint as an NCAA head coach, Koetter sported a 66-44 record as a head coach.