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Fred Taylor Compares Jacksonville's Offense To New England's

By now, most of you have seen Fred Taylor's comments regarding former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. They were pretty scathing, but not necessarily inaccurate given how things transpired and the fact that a few former players have echoed Taylor's sentiments. People who have covered the team know that there were issues between some of the "hold over" players and a specific set of five, who were ultimately run off the team.

Fred Taylor naturally was a guest on the Pete Prisco Show on 930 The Fox yesterday afternoon and continued to give his honest assessment of the Jaguars situation. I live Tweeted a bit of it yesterday when I was sitting in the parking lot of Publix. Taylor's remarks will still scathing, but I do want to emphasis it's not sour grapes from Fred Taylor. Frustration, yes.

Click the jump to see a brief summary of Taylor's comments, summarized as best I could listening live. In the interview, Taylor compared going from Jacksonville's offense to New England to eating a hot dog from Shell to going to Ruth's Chris.

NOTE: Taylor's responses are not in any specific order. I'm pulling them from my Twitter stream. I've contacted Pete Prisco in hopes to get the audio from the interview.

  • I wasn't surprised by Mr Weaver pulling the trigger. Some people think it should have happened a lot soon, years sooner.
  • Jack Del Rio was a shady character. The city called for Coughlin too early. We'd have worked out of it. I say shady because shady is used to define something gray. Coughlin was black/white. You expected discipline
  • Jack Del Rio was a good change of pace initially, then after a while. You want to win don't feed me BS. Feed me production.
  • Guys got away with too much. It's an easy out, if you don't house it things will grow.
  • Going to New England to see how it was done, was a wake up call. My frustration didnt come from being released in 2008.
  • Did guys in locker room feel like JDR wasn't a head coach: "Yes. The young guys didn't know, they were fresh. The was no continuity. There's too much shuffling. Don't play chess with people's careers. (referring to the handling of Byron Leftwich and David Garrard's release.)
  • I don't think he was ready for the head coach responsibily.
  • I was ready to make less than what New England gave me. I was a starting back up, just look at the carries. I wanted to be in the community and help the team, I wasn't ever a problem in the locker room and I wouldn't have been. I kept this all bottled up while I was there because I didn't want to be a distraction.
  • Jacksonville deserves more. It's been through a lot.
  • I like Blaine. I like his tools. He's got the arm, he can have the mechanics, he's got the athletic ability for his size. He's smart. He's a kid coming in, it's a run first system, you look at things. I can call the plays from living room. You bring in a No.1 WR and team him up with Maurice Jones-Drew and use [Marcedes] Lewis more. Marcedes would do what [Rob] Gronkowski does in New England's system. Open it up.
  • It was hard for me to adjust in New England because it was so open. Football has evolved to a passing game, they can open it up more. Create a system around Blaine. I met Blaine once and was like 'Woah'. I think Blaine will be ok. Open it up.

It was a great interview because Fred is one of those guys who gives you honest questions, which is why he was always one of my favorite players to talk to. He'll tell you things.