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Jaguars announce Brian Robiskie to injured reserve, roster is full

Brian Robiskie's season with the Jaguars ended today after he reaggravated a pre-existing hamstring injury and the Jaguars elected to place him on the injured reserve. What makes the move particularly interesting is that he represents the 19th player to go on the injured reserve list for the Jaguars and extends the Jaguars roster to 80 players.

With the news that Robiskie would head to injured reserve, the Jaguars brought defensive tackle Corvey Irvin up from the practice squad and filled his void with fourth year wide receiver Charly Martin. That's 53 players on the active roster, eight on the practice squad and 19 on injured reserve.

The maximum amount of players allowed on a roster is 80 players so if more players have to go on injured reserve the Jaguars will either have to sacrifice spots on their practice squad or come to an injury settlement with one of the many players on IR.