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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Defensive backs taking up a lot of space on Jaguars' injured reserve |

Late December isn’t generally the time for introductions among players, but on the Jaguars’ defense — especially among its defensive backs — this season it has been. "At times in the game I’m like, you have no idea who’s in the game," defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said. "You look in the back, you don’t even know the guy."

Jaguars' Khan keeps making good impression |

If you haven't listened to the 50-minute podcast that Shahid Khan did with Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King, I'd highly recommend it for further insight into the new Jaguars' owner. As was the case in Khan's previous public appearances, he strikes a good balance between being a bold leader this franchise desperately needs and taking a humble approach of a newcomer who admittedly doesn't have all the answers.

Taking aim

Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri doesn’t see falling short as an option. Not with running back Maurice Jones-Drewleading the NFL in rushing by 60 yards with two games remaining, and not with Jones-Drew also within range of the franchise rushing record. Attaining the aforementioned goals won’t necessarily be easy, Nwaneri said. That doesn’t mean they won’t be attained.

AFC South Stock Watch - AFC South Blog - ESPN

2. The Jaguars’ national credibility: They've played two of their past three games on national television in prime time but did nothing to offset the national reputation they often complain about. Nobody will remember the Dec. 11 41-14 home win over Tampa Bay because it was sandwiched by a "Monday Night Football" 38-14 loss to San Diego and the 41-14 "Thursday Night Football" debacle in Atlanta. The wheels came off in a way even the biggest Jaguars pessimist probably couldn’t have envisioned, and the offseason can’t arrive soon enough.