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Jaguars Coaching Search: Jeff Fisher, Would They Do It?

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm going to examine some of the potential head coaching candidates for the soon to be vacant Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching position. We'll next look at a candidate that Jaguars fans know all to well and love to hate. Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher has been a thorn in Jaguars fans' sides since I can remember. Fisher led the Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV during the 1999 season, losing to the St. Louis Rams.

Fisher took over as the head coach of the Houston Oilers in 1994 and stayed as the head coach, through the franchise's relocation and formation into the Tennessee Titans, all the way through the 2010 NFL season. During his tenure with the Oilers/Titans, Fisher amassed a 142-120 record as the head coach with only five losing seasons. Also during the same period of time, Fisher only had six winning seasons. The rest of his time were in the 8-8 range, typically always field at least a competitive team.