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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

The AFC South is the worst division in football | ProFootballTalk

Make fun of the NFC West no more. With the emergence of the 49ers as a legitimate title threat and the rise of Seattle and Arizona late in the season, the NFC West no longer looks like the worst division of football. We’re going to give that honor to the AFC South for the year.’s Mike Sando notes that the AFC South has a .325 winning percentage (13-27) out of division play.

Jaguars defensive end Aaron Kampman undergoes third knee surgery |

Jaguars defensive end Aaron Kampman had another knee surgery this season to "get some things cleaned up," interim head coach Mel Tucker said. Kampman had the most recent surgery on his right knee. Last November Kampman had surgery to replace the anterior cruciate ligament on his right knee. He had the same surgery on his left knee in November of 2009.

Jaguars vs. Titans Game Recap - Classic Jaguars. | Jaguars Blog

This game was, in a sense, "classic Jaguars". They stopped the run, but couldn’t defend the pass. The moved the ball on the ground, but couldn’t get things going through the air, mostly due to their incompetent receiving corps. They were close, but just not close enough to pull out the win. The Jaguars unsurprisingly fell to 4-11 on the season, setting up which should be a very interesting matchup next week against the Colts, but we’ll address that later in the week. This post is about the super-exciting matchup against Tennessee. I really hope you caught my sarcasm there.Not feeling the spirit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – You likely won’t see Maurice Jones-Drew Sunday, it being Christmas and all. If by some strange circumstance you do, don’t expect giddy greetings or well-wishes. MoJo just, plain ain’t in the mood.

Next cornerback up . . . again

With or without him, Ashton Youboty said the approach remains the same. Youboty, who started the last five games at cornerback for the Jaguars after being acquired in November, won’t play in the regular-season finale. On Monday, the sixth-year veteran became the 10th member of the Jaguars’ secondary currently on the season-ending injured reserve list.

Finding positives for Blaine Gabbert - AFC South Blog - ESPN

When Jacksonville Jaguars interim coach Mel Tucker called Blaine Gabbert "courageous" last week, Tucker lost credibility with regard to his public reviews of his rookie quarterback. Monday, Tucker’s comments about Gabbert were more measured and more in line with the things I have been hearing from those who maintain it’s too soon to make any sort of final judgment about him.