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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Breaking down Jones-Drew's season - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Barring a crazy development, Maurice Jones-Drew is going to win the NFL rushing title. It’s an incredibly impressive feat considering the 4-11 Jaguars have spent a lot of time playing from behind and have the league’s worst passing offense by a large margin. We covered some of that context a few weeks ago.

Fighting to the end

Even without history and statistics, Paul Poslusznysaid the incentives are plenty. Posluszny, the Jaguars’ veteran middle linebacker, said although running back Maurice Jones-Drewcan make history Sunday.

The growth continues

In a sense, Uche Nwaneri doesn’t see his season as all that unusual. Nwaneri, the Jaguars’ fifth-year veteran offensive guard, said he probably has had his best NFL season, and while that’s the consensus of many around the Jaguars, Nwaneri said that isn’t by itself overly noteworthy.

Plenty of players will still hide concussions in order to keep playing | ProFootballTalk

As the league tries to improve the protocol for diagnosing concussions during games, the NFL continues to wrestle with a basic reality that exists at every level of the sport. Football players want to play football. Thus, they’ll be inclined to try to hide a concussion if it means being allowed to continue to play football.

Maurice Jones-Drew stands by stance on concussions, says NFL's concern is fueled by law suits |

The NFL's leading rusher isn't backing down from his stance on concussions. Maurice Jones-Drew reiterated his feeling today that the risk he takes as a professional football player is merely an occupational hazard, even if it means suffering some of the serious consequences that can come with head trauma.