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Fred Taylor Thinks Jeff Fisher Should Be Jaguars Next Coach

We've been looking at potential head coaching candidates for the Jacksonville Jaguars over the past week or so, and one of the first coaches looked at was former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. He's a coach Jaguars fans and players know all too well, given the battles against the Titans and Fisher's ability to needle Jaguars fans with his comments. Former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor thinks Fisher is the perfect man for the job, however.

"His (Fisher) track record speaks for itself," Taylor told the Florida Times-Union. "You start talking about Bill Cowher and those guys they're pretty content behind the broadcast, the analyst's desk or whatever." I reported last week that Cowher was not a serious candidate for the Jaguars job and likely wouldn't be for any job, unless a team would back up a truck full of money to his door and persuade him to leave his comfy broadcast booth.

"He's going to be super motivated to go and kick Tennessee's ***** each time they play," Taylor continued. "He's a good coach. I think they throw out the whole rivalry thing and look at the standpoint of this guy's been successful. It's only twice a year he has to play his old team."