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Should The Jaguars Tank Against The Colts? Of Course Not.

I've seen more and more people talk about how the Jacksonville Jaguars should "lose" to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in order to prevent the Colts from getting Andrew Luck in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. Not only is that plain silly, it's completely illogical when you get down to the nuts and bolts of what would have to occur in order for something like that to occur.

Would it be a bad thing for the Jaguars to lose on Sunday, in turn pushing the Colts out of position to draft Luck? Not necessarily, but wanting the team to lose on purpose is foolish and will never happen. Just think about what that would entail for a moment.

In order for a team to tank to another team one purpose, one of two things has to happen.

  • Players on said team would need to make mistakes on purpose, allowing plays to happen. Not only is this stupid in terms of a players career, because said poor play is now on tape and "tape don't lie", but it also puts the players in an extremely dangerous situation that actually increases the chance of injury. Injuries often occur when players are not going full speed. The biggest factor however is that no player wants bad play on film. Film is a players resume. Tanking plays on purpose is akin to lying on a resume and there's no way to explain it away. Good luck explaining to a team that you let Reggie Wayne get wide open on purpose, so the Colts wouldn't be able to draft Andrew Luck. I'm sure they'd have no problem handing you a contract.
  • Coaches on said team would need to purposefully call a poor game, which like players will also "be on tape". How exactly would it benefit someone like Mel Tucker, who's likely going to be looking for a job after the season, to call a bad game on purpose? What does Mel Tucker care if the Colts get Andrew Luck or not? What does Dirk Koetter care or the other slew of coaches on the team who's contracts expire after the season?

Aside from everything else... I don't think the Jaguars have to "try" to lose to the Colts. I think they can lose to them all on their own.