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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Diego Chargers - Chargers Scouting Report | Jaguars Blog
San Diego will travel to Jacksonville this week for a Monday night match up in what was expected to be the Dead Coach Walking Bowl. Coach Jack Del Rio’s struggles were well-known and documented within Jacksonville, and many of us were just waiting around for the axe to fall (I considered using the idiom "other shoe to drop", but long time fans of the Jaguars will understand the special relevance of axe imagery). But with Del Rio gone, there will only be one coach staring at the end of his tenure, and that will be Chargers coach Norv Turner.

Not a huge change

The title may be slightly different, but the duties pretty much stay the same. When it comes to his part in the Jaguars’ coaching staff shuffle, Dirk Koetter said that’s the reality – that while he officially will take on added duties as the team’s quarterbacks coach, his job doesn’t change significantly.

Koetter: Changes no quick-fix for Gabbert - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter doesn’t believe people should have expectations of some great transformation in rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert based on the adjustment to the coaching staff this week. After Jack Del Rio was fired and Mel Tucker got the interim job, he fired receivers coach Johnny Cox and moved Mike Sheppard from quarterback to receivers. That leaves Koetter with the quarterbacks on his own. The change, he said, results in less exclusive time for him with Gabbert than has been portrayed.

Mel Tucker picks up pace at Jaguars practice |

When Mel Tucker walked onto the field Thursday for his first practice as the Jaguars interim head coach a half-hour before it was scheduled to start, punter Nick Harris was the only player on the field. "I actually wanted to go out there and get some fresh air. There are no windows in the building here," Tucker said with a smile. He then added the real reason.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars' change at receivers coach was long overdue |

The firing of Jaguars’ receivers coach Johnny Cox, and moving quarterbacks coach Mike Sheppard into Cox’s position, is an overdue attempt to fix a problem that had been festering since early in the season. Every receiver has regressed, in no small part because Cox wasn’t ready to take on that role. As one offensive player put it after Thursday’s first practice with the changes: "I don’t want to say it was taught better, but it was."

Jaguars Notebook: Dirk Koetter not concerned about his future |

Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is not worrying about how all the changes the Jaguars have made this week will affect his future. "That’s not something I’m really concerned with right now. I’m going to be coaching somewhere. I just don’t know where," he said.