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WR Mike Sims-Walker waived/injured to get roster down to 80

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Now the Jaguars injured reserve has gone from such a sad situation that it makes you laugh to an actual scary thing. With William Middleton announced as yet another Jaguars player headed to injured reserve, the team has no more room to add players to the list without first releasing a player.

The NFL rules state that no team can have more than 80 players on their full roster to prevent teams from using their injured reserve list as a way to stash players for the future. When Middleton was sent to injured reserve, David Jones was signed and represented player #81 on the roster. The Jaguars were forced to waive/injured WR Mike Sims-Walker to bring the injured reserve list back down to 19.

While Sims-Walker was unlikely to be a member of the Jaguars next year anyway so it's not a particularly horrible move, but it's the first step for the team down a very concerning road. If more players continue to get hurt, the Jaguars will have to continue to waive/injured players from the injured reserve.

If Sims-Walker clears waivers, which he most likely will, the Jaguars will be responsible for paying him an injury settlement to keep him off their injured reserve list.