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Chargers Vs. Jaguars: Looking for much more than wins/losses now

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When the Jaguars lost to the Texans in week 12, they were mathematically eliminated from contention in the AFC South and the season was essentially over. The fan base has been rejuvenated though, by a week that saw several changes within the organization that has the majority of fans excited about the future of the team.

Now fans are excited about a Monday night game against the Chargers that much of the rest of the nation could hardly care less about. The outcome of the remaining games on the Jaguars schedule don't matter much in the grand scheme of the things, but there is still plenty to watch for fans that are interested in the future of the team.

Namely the performance of the young talent on the team. There is no question that Maurice Jones-Drew is an extremely talented weapon for the Jaguars offense, but the development of young talent such as Cecil Shorts III, Will Rackley, Tyson Alualu, Kevin Rutland and, most importantly, Blaine Gabbert are much more significant for the team's future.

The growth and development of these players is something that Jaguars fans should take note of when they watch the Jaguars take on the Chargers and for the four games that follow.