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Taylor Price Claimed By Jaguars On Waivers, According to Report

Well folks, I'm not one to say I told you so, but I did tell you so. Multiple sources including Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald are reporting that the Jaguars have claimed wide receiver Taylor Price on waivers days after he was waived by the New England Patriots. By claiming Price, the Jaguars also take on his contract that he signed with the Patriots during his rookie season that goes through the 2013 season.

Price represents yet another player brought in by the Jaguars in the last few weeks who has strong athleticism and physical skills, but was unable to produce with the teams that drafted them early in the 2010 draft. At 6'0, 204 pounds with 4.40 speed, he was the skills necessary to develop into a strong receiver, but was unable to adjust to the NFL speed as a rookie and was hampered by hamstring injuries during his sophomore campaign.

It has yet to be announced who the Jaguars will release to make room for Price.