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Chargers Vs. Jaguars Score: Struggles out the gates for Jaguars, trail 10-0

Well not everything is going as planned so far for the Jaguars as they are already down 10-0 to the Chargers despite getting the ball first to begin the game. Two three-and-outs for the offense has prevented the Jaguars from getting anywhere near position to get points on the board and poor rush defense has allowed the Chargers to drive easily.

The Jaguars have done a decent job rushing Phillip Rivers, but they have yet to get a sack and the Chargers have had some luck in their favor. Particularly, this reception to Antonio Gates that very easily could have been intercepted by either Daryl Smith or Paul Posluszny.


The Jaguars desperately need to generate some offense in the remaining three quarters if they wish to have a chance at winning. Jacksonville has the ball to begin the second quarter.