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Chargers Vs. Jaguars Final: A Monday night football disaster for Jaguars, lose 38-14

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The Jaguars looked like the better team from about 0:41 left in the first quarter until about 2:38 remaining in the second quarter. Other than that it was a night of disaster for the Jaguars on a night that initially had some excitement amongst Jaguars fans.

The defense looked like one that had been decimated by injuries as they were torched deep by Philip Rivers and the rest of the Chargers offense often. The 38 points scored by San Diego are the most the Jaguars have allowed all season and was nothing like the defense that held the Ravens to seven points on a Monday night six weeks ago.

The Jaguars struggled to move the ball, as they have all season, yet their 306 yards of total offense are the second most of the season for the team. We'll have more analysis on the disaster of a game through the week, but for right now the 24 hour rule may be necessary for many after the worst loss of the season.