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Monday Night Football: ESPN Too Lazy To Bring Crew Or Even Show Jacksonville

As we all know, the Jacksonville Jaguars played the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football last night. What some people may not know however, is that the ESPN crew did not bring their entire cast like they typically do every Monday Night Football game. This was the second time this season and the only times this season ESPN did not bring their crew. The first time was understandable because it was during the World Series. This time however, there's really no excuse.

That's not the biggest goof ESPN did last night, however. ESPN also showed a city skyline in their return from a commercial break... only the skyline wasn't even Jacksonville. Hit the jump for video.

Thanks to the SportsGrid, we have video of ESPN returning to the Monday Night Football game with a nice shot of... CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA. Not only that, but I am told when ESPN did show shots of The Landing on their broadcast, the MODIS building is in the background. MODIS hasn't been on that building in months, so they footage they did show was old stock. There was a DirecTV blimp last night, I saw it while I was tailgating. Why didn't they use it?

Beyond ridiculous.

Really guys, how is this so hard? I mean... really.