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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Maurice Jones-Drew won't say the rushing title means anything |
Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is the NFL's leading rusher right now with 1,137 yards. He's got three yards over Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy and the rushing title, is well within reach. Jones-Drew was sullen after Monday night's game, in which he rushed for 97 yards and caught six passes for 91 yards. He said with a 3-9 record, it didn't matter what he accomplished or what he could accomplish.

Report: Jeff Fisher has been contacted by two teams | ProFootballTalk

We’re headed for a busy season of coaching changes. No fewer than nine jobs look tenuous, and there’s always a surprise after the season. We’d put the over/under of firings around seven, including Jack Del Rio’s removal in Jacksonville. Add it all up, and Jeff Fisher figures to get a chance to get back into the league if he wants to. It sure seems like he wants to.

Sunk costs for a sinking franchise | Jaguars Blog

With four games remaining in the season and Blaine Gabbert struggling at a level Jaguars fans have yet to observe firsthand, there has been talk about moving on from Blaine Gabbert and drafting another quarterback in the first round. Some advocate trying to trade Gabbert. Some people are against the entire idea and want to see what the team has in Gabbert before moving on. They’re all valid viewpoints. One viewpoint that is NOT valid, however, is the idea that the reason the Jaguars shouldn’t decide Blaine Gabbert is not the answer is because the team spent a first and second-round pick and $12 million guaranteed on him. That simply doesn’t fly.

Focused on the positive

A day later, Mel Tucker said there must be improvement. But while that was true of Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert in the aftermath of a prime-time loss on Monday night, Tucker – a week into his stint as Jaguars interim coach – on Tuesday afternoon said he preferred to focus on the better areas. And yes, Tucker said, there were better areas.

Weaver, Khan brief media

Mr. Wayne Weaver: It is a little late tonight, but it has been a long day. It was a big agenda. There were four or five other ownership issues on the agenda. We are coming out with a unanimous recommendation that this will be on the agenda at our meeting in Dallas next week. I am really optimistic that we are going to get thing done and you are going to have a great new owner in Jacksonville. With that I will turn it over to Shahid (Khan).

Should The Jags Trade Mojo | The Jay Gray Blog |

Some may find this blog very controversial today but hear me out before you pass judgment. The Jags have been in the process of rebuilding for years and I know many people will say they are close but if this season proves anything they still have a long way to go. The Jags play one of the toughest schedules of any team this year and they are 3-9 proving they aren’t winning against the top teams in the league. Next season could be one of the biggest overhauls this team has ever seen. They will have a new owner, new head coach, and a bunch of new players. The Jags definitely need help at receiver, cornerback, pass rush, and the o line isn’t getting any younger. With all that being said why not trade Maurice Jones Drew?

ESPN on MNF shots of Jacksonville - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Some viewers in Jacksonville brought complaints to the AFC South blog about some of the television shots used as part of the pregame show and telecast of "Monday Night Football" -- one of the Charlotte skyline and at least one scenic shot of Jacksonville that was outdated. I reached out to an ESPN spokesperson for explanation.