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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Without pressure on quarterback, Jaguars defense is cooked |

The Jaguars defense knew the task they faced Monday night when they went against San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. "We wanted to find ways to make him uncomfortable and force him into bad throws and we weren’t able to do that and he was able to put the ball on the money," said middle linebacker Paul Posluszny. "That’s one of the things we need to fix coming out of that game. We’ve got to find ways to put pressure on the quarterback."

Jaguars Notebook: New arrival Price gets right into the practice action |

On his first day of real practice with the Jaguars, receiver Taylor Price was thrown right into the offense and special teams. Price didn’t work with the scout team, and he returned punts along with Jaguars receiver Jarett Dillard.

Jaguars vs. Chargers Pro Football Focus Breakdown | Jaguars Blog

his week’s performance was just ugly. The Jaguars did, however, post a positive score on offense; they were at +8.2 thanks mostly to the excellent run-blocking of their offensive line (+6.9). The Jaguars’ top four highest-rated offensive players this week were offensive linemen, and it was mostly thanks to their run-blocking grades.

Looking for pressure

Without question, the pressure must increase. Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey said that’s true this week whoever’s playing in the secondary, and it’s true whichever Josh – starter Freeman or backup Johnson -- plays quarterback for Sunday’s opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ready for January

For Eben Britton, January can’t come soon enough. That’s when the Jaguars’ offensive guard/tackle said he expects to be cleared to work out, so while the team’s off-season conditioning program won’t likely begin for a couple of months after that, that technicality won’t keep Britton from working. He said he’ll be here. And he’ll be ready.

Next Level nuggets for you to chew on - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Jaguars’ pass protection: Defenses have sacked Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert 15 times, rushing four or fewer and 15 times rushing five or more. But they are getting to him nearly twice as often with blitzes. He’s sacked once every 12.9 plays without extra rusher, and once every 6.8 plays with at least one extra.