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3 People You Need To Pick Up Now: Fantasy Football

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Pick up Now

1. Marion Barber vs. DEN - Barber had 14 carries for 44 yards Sunday against the Chiefs. The big news of the week was Matt Forte's knee injury. Barber figures to be the Bears' starting running back for the foreseeable future. With Caleb Hanie under center though, the offense as a whole offers very little upside for the rest of the season. Should see a ton of carries against the Broncos defense. Projection= 1 touchdown and 70 rushing yards and 30 receiving yards.

2. Steve Johnson@ SD- Johnson has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for what was determined to be an over-the-top touchdown celebration in Sunday's loss to the Jets, ESPN reports. Johnson has seen a couple of valuable pass attempts to him and expect that to carry over to this week. Projection= 1 touchdown and 55 receiving yards.

Consider The Following

1. Nate Washington vs. NO- Replacing Kenny Britt early on in the season now the number 1 WR in Tennessee. Washington (ankle) did not practice Friday and is listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Saints, the Tennessean reports. Washington, who called his injury a high ankle sprain, did some running Friday. That said, given that his ankle was heavily taped on top of the "high ankle sprain" red flag. If he able to play this week should be a great start. Projection: 1 touchdown and 60 receiving yards.