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Cam Netwon's Media Workout is Today

I nearly forgot that Cam Netwon's "Media Workout" is scheduled for today out in California. It's supposed to be roughly a 45-minute work out, similar to what he would typically run at a Pro-Day workout except for the fact that NFL Scouts will not be there. Per multiple reports, it's going to be a media only event... which I don't understand. What is the purpose? If no scouts are going to be there to observe the session why is this a big ordeal? Why are media invited to the event? The media doesn't draft players.

According to, the workout is intended to "provide a snapshot of Cam's daily training regimen and routine as he prepares for his NFL career." Cam Netwon will then be available to answer "some" questions from the media. According to Todd McShay of ESPN, Trent Dilfer will be the only "football guy" who will be present at the workout. There is some thought that after this stunt, if it goes well, Newton might elect to skip the NFL Combine altogether.

I'm not sure who is advising him or if Cam Newton even has an agent yet, but I don't get.