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Jacksonville Jaguars Around the Internets

We'll try every day to give you guys the news on the Jacksonville Jaguars around the internet. It's the off-season for us, so any and all Jaguars information is going to be at a premium. But as you know, you can find everything you need on Big Cat Country. I have no shame.

Jags All Day: Coaches' Contracts Continu to Hurt Jaguars
First it was Mike Shula. Now his replacement, Todd Monken, has left town. Can you blame them? These men have to think about themselves and their families first.

Marcedes Lewis and Jaguars want long-term deal for the tight end |
Marcedes Lewis wanted to make one thing very clear when I spoke with him by phone yesterday. He wants a long-term deal with the Jaguars.

Tag not Marcedes Lewis' game |
As if the honor of being named one of the best tight ends in the NFL wasn't enough, Marcedes Lewis turned his trip to the Pro Bowl last month into a group vacation with family and friends. His brothers, his mother and his stepfather went to Hawaii with Lewis, as did a few of his closest friends.

Ask the Coach, part one - Ask the Coach on
Head coach Jack Del Rio tackles the fans' tough questions.