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You Can't Draft Scared

With CaliforniaJag's piece on why the Jaguars need a quarterback, while not necessarily for the immediate, something struck me. It sounds like a lot of fans; be it here, on Twitter, or wherever are scared to draft a quarterback. The common comment is, "well what if they suck?" My response is usually, "Then they suck." You can't do anything about it if you draft poorly except do more work the next go around, that's the risk of the NFL Draft. You don't know, for any player.

Every player you pick is a risk.

You can't say you'd rather the Jacksonville Jaguars draft a defensive player, because you don't like the risk of draft a quarterback. The risk is equal, for all players. What if that defensive player doesn't pan out? What if that offensive lineman doesn't pan out? Teams cannot, and do not, draft with the fear that a player might be a bust. They do countless hours of study, film work, etc. on these players every year. When they draft these players, at whatever position, it's because they have the confidence in the work they have done on the player that the player will develop and work out.

Sometimes they don't. That's just how it works. You can't draft scared or you'll never succeed.

As they say, you can't win a hand of poker if you never make a bet.