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Titus Young 2011 NFL Draft Profile

Alfie's Player Ranking 81 out of 100
Projected Round: 3

Today continues my countdown to the Top 100 draftable players of the 2011 NFL Draft. We move on to my 81st ranked player, Boise State wide receiver Titus Young.

Height: 5-11
Weight: 174lbs

PROS: Blazing speed that can get down the football field. Home run threat with the ball in his hands. Runs good routes and knows how to get open in the zone. Very productive and offers an added threat as a kick returner. Despite his size he’s not easy to tackle.

CONS: Despite his speed he’s more straight line speed. Some will compare him to DeSean Jackson of the Eagles, but he’s more like Mike Wallace of the Steelers. Some off the field and attitude concerns while at Boise State. Doesn’t offer anything as a run blocker and often tries to run before he catches the football. Questionable hands.

TOTALS 204 3063 15.0 83 25
2007 Boise St. 44 639 14.5 58 5
2008 Boise St. 10 168 16.8 80 1
2009 Boise St. 79 1041 13.2 54 10
2010 Boise St. 71 1215 17.1 83 9