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Team Teal pushes for another Jacksonville Jaguars ticket push

Tony Boselli
Tony Boselli

Last year the Jacksonville Jaguars and Team Teal led by former Jaguars first ever draft pick, Tony Boselli, made a huge move in the community and helped the Jaguars attain no blackouts in the 2010 season. In the 2009 season, the Jaguars had 7 of their 8 home games blacked out and most national media thought it would happen again. Boselli led Team Teal and pushed and sold tickets. Entering the 2011 season, they plan to do it again, but they've got a 17,000 season ticket head start.

In 2010, technically the Jacksonville Jaguars had zero season ticket holders. They didn't have any multi-year contracts like the had in the past, so they started at zero. Team Teal and Touchdown Jacksonville made efforts in the community and held rallies to drive interest and ticket sales. The Jaguars were able to sell enough season tickets where they needed only a few thousand tickets each game to avoid blackouts, and they did for ever home game.

"I'm not worried about this group," Tony Boselli said to the crowd of about 800 Jaguars fans on Friday night at EverBank Field. "You're crazy enough to come out to the stadium in the middle of February. ... I like that. We proved a lot of people wrong," Boselli added.

The Jaguars get a 17,000 season ticket head start this year and once again are hopeful of getting a 90% renewal rate. I got my letter in the mail on Saturday and will be renewing my seats later this week. Some people will ask about the point of paying for tickets upfront before a CBA is set, as it's possible there won't be a season. Well, the Jaguars have guaranteed that if any games are missed due to the lock out, you'll be fully refunded for the games missed plus interest. So, there's no real risk. (/end selling tickets)

"The city responded, the city came alive and it was awesome to see Then, we got a name put on our stadium. EverBank Field. We come out, two great things to start our year last year," head coach Jack Del Rio told the crowd of fans Friday night.

The main goal now for the Jaguars, Team Teal, and Touchdown Jacksonville is to sell the club seats, which Wayne Weaver has dubbed an "eyesore". It's true, seeing the club seats on the visitor's side of the stadium virtually empty is an eyesore and gives the false perception that the Jaguars still struggle to sell tickets on television, since those seats are on TV the most. Those missing seats lead some people to write about how the Jaguars continue to struggle with tickets, but Tony Boselli classified those people as "nimwitted, lazy media members."

Hey, he said it, not me.

"We want you all to have a home playoff game. It doesn't matter how you get in, we just have to get in," Del Rio told the crowd.