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Jacksonville Jaguars Around the Internets


We'll try every day to give you guys the news on the Jaguars around the internet. It's the off-season for us, so any and all Jaguars information is going to be at a premium. But as you know, you can find everything you need on Big Cat Country. I have no shame.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars fans will miss Vic Ketchman's edge and expertise |
The more Vic Ketchman tries to say goodbye, the longer it takes him to get all the words out. That's because a large segment of Jaguars fans realize this amicable parting isn't much different than seeing a Tony Boselli, a Mark Brunell or Fred Taylor walk out the door.

All about defense for 2011 Jags - Jaguars news on
Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith believes the Jaguars may only be a defense away from the postseason, and Smith likes what he sees in the way of talent on the defensive line and at cornerback in this year’s draft crop.

The Schedule, 2011 " Black and Teal | A Jacksonville Jaguars Blog
Is it too late to start speculating about the 2011/12 season? In this Jaguar-less time of year for us Jacksonville fans? Never.