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Remembering Vic, by Fred Taylor

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This article originally appeared on and was written by former Jacksonville Jaguars running back, Fred Taylor.

Vic Ketchman called me in his office during my rookie year and he asked me if I knew much about Franco Harris. My answer was no, and from that point forward he would call me occasionally and ask me somewhat like a trivia question regarding different players or running backs that I never knew about. I guess it was his way of breaking the ice, letting me know that he is okay. He had to do his job, but it was okay to talk with him. From that point forward I gained trust and we developed a pretty good relationship.

Vic and Dan Edwards (Senior Vice President, Communications) were with me from the start in 1998. Being young you don't really pay much attention to what is going on around you, but I always got a warm reception from Vic. He never said this is just another young guy coming in that can't grasp what is going on.

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