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Sunday Mailbag

As a result of the poll I posted on my first day, I'm starting a weekend mailbag. The reasoning is two-fold. A) It won't replace any of my other articles because it will be posted weekly on Sundays. B) The weekends are a little slow, and I think a little reader, writer opinion is a good thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a simple form to fill out as of today, but I'm hoping to be able to get something in that regard done. For now, you can submit questions for next Sunday's mailbag to I at least need your first name and a question/statement to respond to. Including a hometown is optional.

As a side note, if the response is very good, I may run the mailbag section more often, and if I don't get much of a response, It'll cease to exist. I'm trying to make this all about the community so it's up you.

Update: The good people at sbnation directed me to google to provide the form below. From now on, you can simply fill out the form below for your questions.