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Bob Sanders to visit the Jaguars today

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, former Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders will visit the Jacksonville Jaguars today.

Former Colts S Bob Sanders is in Jacksonville, visiting Jags today. As a released player, Sanders is free to sign w/ a team until March 3.

I won't say for certain something will get done one way or another, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are in desperate need for a safety in the back seven. The team pursued current New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper heavily last off-season. Bob Sanders is a potential high reward type of player for the Jaguars, in some ways similar to Aaron Kampman last off-season. While Kampman didn't have anything close to the injury history Sanders does, players coming off injuries typically come at a discount and can offer extremely high upside.

Quick note: Bob Sanders was college teammates with Aaron Kampman and Sean Considine at the University of Iowa. Kampman noted when he signed in free agency, Gene Smith's relationship with Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz was a big reason he considered the Jaguars. While the Jaguars are getting first crack at him, it should be expected for Sanders to shop whatever their offer is around to some other visits. That being said however, in just 10 days if there is not a new CBA in place, Sanders can't sign with anyone.