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This is Madness


I'll set aside the obvious movie reference, and talk about what everyone has been talking about here at BCC. Bob Sanders. This is better than the draft. There's so much conflict in the air. There are those that want him, those that hate him, and those that don't want him. Wait, did I slip in an extra category? Well, that happens. Whether you love him or hate him, Bob Sanders is a man that everyone in the NFL respects as a player. Not only that, but the Jaguars stand to gain a huge asset in terms of beating the Sander's former team. He is one of the few guys in the NFL that could probably disrupt that quarterback that haunts our dreams. That sounds like a big upside. Let's continue.


Bob Sanders is a great player, when he's healthy. In 2007, Sanders had 71 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 6 passes defensed. The number that jumps out should be those 71 tackles. In 2007, Polamalu only had 45 tackles. On top of that, Polamalu has only once in his career topped 71 tackles, and that was in 2005 with 73. Oh by the way, Sanders also had 71 in 2005. What's that mean? It means that should the Jaguars get Sanders, they would be getting a safety that has the talent and the ability of the best in the NFL.

Now, you're scrambling to check the stats. I'll cut you off before you pull out the interceptions card. Yes Polamalu has 27 career interceptions, and Sanders only has 6, but let's consider that Polamalu has been healthy most of his career. Sanders on the other hand, has been less than healthy. He's been in the league since 2004, but he's only had two "healthy" years. The last two seasons have been especially cruel to Sanders. In those years, he's only played in three games. That leads us to the most discussed Jaguars' issue of this week so far.

Bob, Sanders, and injuries. Those words have appeared in the same sentence all too often this week. What's the deal? I'm not a fan of declaring someone "injury prone," but Sanders tests my resolve. He's had injuries from his arms to his knees, but there is good news. He hasn't torn his knee ligaments, and his head hasn't been blasted into oblivion. Now you're thinking, "come on Clemons, we know this already." Okay, I'll wrap this up. My point is this. Yes, he's had a lot of injuries and issues, but ultimately if he can get healthy, he could be the best, cheapest addition to any Jaguars roster... ever. That's if he can stay healthy, and right now, that seems like a pretty big if.