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2011 NFL Draft: Five Prospects the Jaguars Should Consider

I get asked a lot here, in e-mail, and on Twitter who I think the Jacksonville Jaguars should or will draft at 16th overall. I do have some sources and get some good draft information, but I don't have that good of sources to give a definitive answer to a question like that. Brian Galiford who runs and contributes to's 2011 NFL Draft coverage did a nice article on that I am stealing here. It's a list of players he feels the Buffalo Bills should consider in the draft. Well, here's five guys I think the Jacksonville Jaguars should consider at pick 16.

Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an obvious need in the defensive back seven and Jimmy Smith is a big, fast corner who should be able to come in right away and push for a starting position. Adding a corner like Smith to the Jaguars would also allow the Jaguars to shift cornerback Rashean Mathis to free safety, which the team is open to doing. A pick like Smith could potentially kill two birds with one stone. Smith is expected to grade out well in the 2011 NFL Combine and his stock should be on the rise.

Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois

I have to credit CaliforniaJag with this player as an idea for 16. He sent it out on Twitter last night and it makes perfect sense. Wilson is a monster, size wise, at the linebacker position. He's 6-4 and around 250 pounds, and played stand up linebacker at Illinois. He played defensive end initially and was moved to inside linebacker where he excelled. Many view him as a 3-4 outside linebacker, but I think the Julian Peterson comparison with him works and he'd fit just fine as a 4-3 outside linebacker on the strong side as the "SAM" linebacker. The SAM is generally your blitzing linebacker and plays over the right side of the offensive line. Daryl Smith currently plays this role, but he could easily swing back to the middle or to the weakside without a hiccup.

Justin Houston, DE, Georgia

The more I watch Justin Houston, the more I like him as a hand on the ground defensive end and not a 3-4 outside linebacker. He played both at Georgia, but he was a more effective pass rusher with his hand on the ground. He netted the most sacks as a stand up linebacker in Georgia's hybrid scheme his final season however. Houston has the size to play the right defensive end position as an edge rusher in the NFL at 6-3 and about 260 pounds. He's still struggling to transition to the stand up backer position and isn't very good at all in coverage. As a 4-3 right end however, he's explosive off the snap of the football and knows how to rush the passer.

Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State

Call me crazy all you want, I still think it's a real possibility for the Jaguars to grab Christian Ponder at the 16th overall pick, especially if he grades out well at the combine. Previously Ponder was not going to throw at the NFL Combine, but changed his mind and will fully participate this weekend. Ponder has just about everything a team looks for in an NFL quarterback. His arm could leave some to be desired, but in the right system he knows where to go with the football and how to anticipate his receivers coming open. His injury history is a concern, but if he's cleared medically by a team and you think he's the guy, go get him. Gene Smith has shown he'll go get the guys he wants.

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

I've seen a few people in the comments mention offensive line as a position the Jacksonville Jaguars could address in the first round, and I completely agree. I chose Carimi over the likes of Derrick Sherrod and Nate Solder because of his versatility. Gabe Carimi can play left tackle on a power football team that is run-centric, or right tackle. A selection like Carimi would address potentially 2-3 positions on the offensive line. Eben Britton could slide inside to guard and current guard Uche Nwaneri over to the center position. I think Carimi could also slide inside and play guard.