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Mallett, Locker Throw Well

Character questions aside, Ryan Mallett looked sharp at the combine on Sunday. He put zip on the ball, he was accurate, and on the field, he looked comfortable. Locker was equally as impressive. Both quarterbacks showed great arm strength, and they both watched their draft stock jump up. For Mallett, it was a big day. He botched his media event, but he didn't let it bother him.

Cam Newton may be the most polarizing figure in the NFL draft, but Ryan Mallett may be ready to challenge him for that position. Mallett dodged questions about the drug rumors surrounding him during his media event, but it was all about his throwing on Sunday, and frankly, it was impressive. The ball was coming out of his friends with a lot of zip and spin.

We all know that power is important, but a big component of accuracy is the spin the quarterback is able to put on the ball. With spin, the ball can't wobble as it travels through the air. This keeps the ball on track and on target.

Locker was another guy that impressed his critics. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but this guy can play. He'll take some time, but guess what. The Jaguars have that time. Locker said during the combine that he hates to lose, and that's the kind of attitude any team wants. Teams are always looking for a fiery leader, but it's something that can't be manufactured. Locker seems to have that fire. In that regard, I can see a little Philip Rivers in him.

This is big. The Jaguars may have a chance to draft either one of these guys. Right now, Mallett doesn't seem like a guy GM Gene would pick because of off the field issues, but who knows? Maybe one of these guys will be "the man" in Jacksonville.