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Green and Yellow defeat Black and Yellow

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Well, the Green Bay Packers knocked the Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowl record to 6-2 last night in a very well played football game. Early on, the Packers jumped out to a 21 point lead, but the Steelers battled back and got close but could never take the league. Quite frankly, the Packers could have really run up the score if it wasn't for drops. Aaron Rodgers put a ball to wide out Jordy Nelson that went through his arms deep down the field, another was dropped. James Jones dropped what could have been an easy long touchdown, and rookie Brett Swain dropped another long pass in the game. Rodgers played masterful and deservedly won the MVP award. One player in particular who had a rough night however, was the defensive player of the year Troy Polamalu.

What'd you guys think of the game?