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Austin Pettis 2011 NFL Draft Profile

Alfie's Player Ranking 95 out of 100
Projected Round: 3-4

Today continues my countdown to the Top 100 draftable players of the 2011 NFL Draft. We move on to my 95th ranked player, Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis.

Height: 6-2

Weight: 205

PROS: Good size for the receiver position. Is a big time redzone target. Knows how to use his body to box out defenders and make a play on the football. Catches with his hands and typically doesn't allow the ball to get into his body. Blocks well down the field and isn't afraid to work the middle of the football field on his routes. Production got better every season.

CONS: Will likely be a possession receiver in the NFL, as his speed leaves a lot to be desired. Was over shadowed by his teammate Titus Young. Despite his size doesn't get off the press well and his route running needs work. Doesn't offer much in terms of yards after the catch.

TOTALS 229 2838 12.4 65 39
2007 Boise St. 46 465 10.1 56 6
2008 Boise St. 49 567 11.6 24 9
2009 Boise St. 63 855 13.6 65 14
2010 Boise St. 71 951 13.4 58 10