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Jacksonville Jaguars Aaron Kampman is "ahead of schedule."

Team Teal held an event for all of their captains tonight. They noted that the goal for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season was not to have no blackouts, but to have full sell outs. Tony Boselli and defensive end Aaron Kampman also spoke at the event. Something noteworthy that Aaron Kampman said, was he was ahead of schedule. According to Andrew Mallory who was at the event, Aaron Kampman said he is "ahead of schedule. Running, sprinting in the pool and jumping." This is great news, as last year Kampman was ahead of schedule and had much more impact than anyone thought he would early in the season, showing no signs of his knee bothering him. If Kampman can come back in the same method, it's a big bonus for the Jaguars entering the 2011 season.