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Jaguars Owner Wayne Weaver Media Luncheon

I wasn't invited to the Jacksonville Jaguars media luncheon today that had owner Wayne Weaver speak to the media. Luckily however, the Jaguars are one of the few teams that embrace getting information out via Twitter. Ryan Robinson of the Jaguars gave us a play by play of the meeting via twitter. Click the jump to check it out.

I've put Ryan Robinson's tweets in nice easy to read bullet format so you don't have to try to read his stream in reverse. I'm hoping a full transcript will be available later.

  • Weaver says he has high hopes in 2011 but there are things that need to be fixed through the draft and free agency.
  • Weaver said team sold 32,000 group tickets in 2008, 60,000 in 2009 and 80,000 plus in 2010. Premium tickets continue to be a problem but it's a league-wide issue according to Weaver.
  • Weaver says team is committed to putting together best possible experience for fans as well as a winning team.
  • Weaver said he is hopeful CBA will be worked out by March 3. Weaver said it will be business as usual if agreement is not reached. He doesn't anticipate any layoffs.
  • Free agency will be an option for team but has to be right fit. He doesn't want to make same mistakes in the past.
  • Weaver said national media is no longer talking about blackouts and team moving. Feels Team Teal played major role in that momentum.
  • People fail to realize Weaver will spend in free agency. Aaron Kampman and Kassim Osgood were major additions. Ask any current Jaguar.
  • Weaver said he has been very loyal to asst coaches and pays them well. Just wants coaches to work hard and great things will happen.
  • Says current roster is best group he has ever been around in terms of working hard on field, in film room and in weight room. Says team missed badly on some first round picks and that sets your franchise back. GM Gene is bringing things back to order.
  • Weaver says he is committed to this team and doesn't want to give up on it anytime soon. Will eventually form an exit strategy. But there will be certain criteria. Will have to be a person passionate about city of Jacksonville.