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How do the Jags attack the draft?

I've read a lot of different opinions on how the Jags should go about their draft this year. I'll throw mine in for good measure.

I don't think the Jacksonville Jaguars should sit and wait at 16 in the 1st round. I'm not talking about moving up either; I want to move down. 16 is such a horrible spot; that middle of the 1st round where the talent doesn't really ever meet value. It's too far outside the top 10 where you may have a top 10 guy slide a couple of places.

We all know what the Jaguars need to address in this draft: QB (priority in my opinion), DB, and DE. And we have seen every mock draft address one or two of those positions in that 1st round, whether its Ryan Kerrigan (I hate the term "blue collar" by the way...Rudy was a blue collar guy, what did he ever do? 1 sack. Jeez), or Cameron Jordan or other DE's because there are so many in the 1st round this year. My problem is I don't have a strong feeling anyone really stands at that spot in the draft. Maybe that's just how it is though.

In my opinion, I would love for a team in the mid 20's to fall in love with someone and want to trade up. Its always easier said than done, and a trade needs two teams to get it done, but think about it. What if Seattle had fallen in love with one of those DE's or Mark Ingram (assuming he hadn't gone already to Miami at 15) and wanted to move up. What would we get in return? Swap 1st round picks, also probably get their 3rd round and possibly a 5th. Last year the Denver Broncos moved down from 13 to 24 and got 2 3rd round picks from the Philadelphia Eagles.

At position 25, I feel a lot more comfortable. I think threre is excellent value in picking a DE like Adrian Clayborn, QB Ryan Mallett or CB Jimmy Smith. Plus with the additional picks we just received, there is every possibility to move up in the second round. It happens every year.

The Jaguars have to be aggressive to get their QB, that doesn't necessarily mean trading up or giving up a whole lot.

It's a dream, I know. But don't we all dream at this time of the year?