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Saturday Mailbag

Vardaan from Jacksonville, FL

Which S/CB do you think the Jaguars will target in the first or second round? Also, which CB do you think has the best ability to play S and could be drafted by the Jaguars?

Shane: I really like Jimmy Smith, and it's not just because of his name. He's a big, physical corner. He could probably make a transition to S if a team really wanted him to, but that wouldn't be smart. He has the make of a great corner. This year's safety crop isn't deep at all. It gives me the feeling that the Jaguars won't be looking to the draft, this year, to fill in safeties.

Cory from Utica

Ima keep asking questions cause they wouldn't let u write if they didn't think u knew what u where talkin about and question #3 how do the colts really look next year cause everyones healed and how do the jags pair up with them and be honest lol

Shane: I didn't want to answer a question from you three weeks in a row, but I actually feel quite qualified to answer this (I'm from Indiana for those of you that missed it). You said it, the Colts will be healthy this year. That tells me that they'll be a better team in 2011. The Jaguars don't have the defense to stop the Colts right now. Manning carved up the Jaguars defense twice last year. The Jaguars match up well against the Colts on offense, though. The Colts aren't built to shut down a power running game, and that's the type of offense the Jaguars are built to run. Next year, it'll be similar to this year in this matchup. The team that gets the turnovers and big plays will win the games.

Greg from Jacksonville, FL

since ur tallyin wins up already, wholl play in the super bowl?

Shane: Are you aware that the Jaguars were in this past Super Bowl? link

Rebecca from Orlando Fl

Whats the Jaguars' biggest hurdle going forward?

Shane: I would think it's the 2011 schedule. The Jaguars should be able to challenge the Colts for the division title again in 2011, but the schedule should do a good job of eliminating any wildcard hopes for any team in the AFC South. If it takes a playoff birth for JDR to keep his job, it's division or bust in 2011.

Timmy from South Park, Colorado

Am I being too optimistic in thinking that the broncos will be in the playoffs next year?

Shane: Timmy, Timmy??

Armand from JJacksonville

Love the column. Your Gene Smith and you can get 1 free agent who would you get and why

Shane: Gerald Sensabaugh makes a lot of sense to me. I don't really think the Jaguars will bring him back, but he would fill a need, and the Jaguars know what they would be getting. He's not the best safety out there, but he would fill a gap for at least a year.