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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Blaine Gabbert

Alfie's Player Ranking out of 100
Projected Round: 1

Today continues my countdown to the Top 100 draftable players of the 2011 NFL Draft. We move on to my 5th ranked player, Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

Height: 6-4

Weight: 234lbs

PROS: Prototypical NFL quarterback size. Has a quick release and gets a lot on the football. His arm is above average in terms of NFL arm strength. Often throws a tight spiral and throws a very catchable football. Has very good ball placement down the football field. Can take over a football game when he’s "on". Very underrated runner for his size and knows when to scramble. Very good at throwing the football on the run. Lots of natural ability. Much better athlete than people give him credit for.

CONS: Played predominantly in the spread and from a shotgun formation. Accuracy can be really up or down, not sure what you’re going to get from one game to the next. Isn’t asked to read the entire football field and often will lock on to a single target. His footwork under pressure needs some work, as he’ll often sail some passes when under constant duress. Numbers were underwhelming despite the pass friendly system at Missouri. Still a project quarterback with a ton of talent that NFL Scouts look for.

TOTALS   568 933 60.8 6822 40/18  
2008 Mizzou   5 13 38.5 43 0/0  
2009 Mizzou   262 445 58.9 3593 24/9  
2010 Mizzou   301 475 63.4 3186 16/9