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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Julius Thomas

Height: 6-5

Weight: 256lbs

PROS: Freak athlete for his size, four year basketball player who made the football team as a walk-on in 2010. Very good combination of speed, balance, and body control. Will create match up problems in the passing game due to his athleticism and ball (rebounding) skills. Catches the ball with his hands and can pick up yards after the catch. Has tremendous upside.

CONS: Still a project and a very raw football player over all. Very little experience and played in a run heavy offense. Not the greatest in-line blocker, but blocks well enough at the second level. Will round off his routes and need to get better at running routes. Overall football awareness is still in the infantile stage.



29 453 15.6 55 2
2010 Portland St. 29 453 15.6 55 2