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Memo to the NFL and NFLPA: We don't care.

Following the labor situation has become increasingly annoying. To me, all the talk from both sides is tiresome, especially while bickering back and forth publicly, both sides still maintain negotiating is still possible. If that's the case, shut up and negotiate. In the end, that's all the fans care about. They (we) only care if football will exist in 2011, not what the financial packaging is for a CBA.

Fans don't care about Roger Goodell's letter to the players.

Fans don't care about the players rebuttal to Roger Goodell's letter.

Fans don't care what deal was put on the table.

Fans don't care that a "true-up" was taken off the table.

Fans don't care why a deal was declined or what deal should be made.

Fans don't care about players tweeting "#unemployed". Actually, fans do care about that, because it's a slap in the face to the real unemployed in America.

Fans don't want to hear about players struggles to get health insurance while there is a big issue in America regarding health insurance.

Fans don't care about the "truth" being pushed by both sides.

Either shut up and go to the negotiating table or shut up and wait until litigation on April 6th. Sparring in public and using the fans as "props" accomplishes nothing put pissing off fans.

Fans care about one thing and one thing only:

When does football start?